Smulders continues to grow - 1,000th employee in the spotlight


Smulders continues to grow - 1,000th employee in the spotlight

July 13th '20

We're famous. It's fair to say: watching TV without seeing a realisation of Smulders, that's almost impossible. The Antwerp courthouse, the MAS, Cycling through the Trees in Hechtel-Eksel, bridges, locks and offshore wind farms all over the world,… our steel constructions and architectural projects are really everywhere. The result of the dedication and know-how of our people. They made Smulders grow, and in full corona time we even reached a new milestone: our 1,000th colleague came on board.

Specialist work

HR Manager of our facility in Arendonk Frans Van Hoppe: "We have gone through quite an evolution. We have become a close family of companies 'with a passion for steel' under the Eiffage brand. Over the last 10 years, a large part of our turnover has come from wind energy. Specialist work that went hand in hand with a real search for technical profiles, from engineers and project managers to welders and assemblers in the workshop. Not an easy exercise, given the scarcity on the labour market".

And yet we recently reached 1,000 own employees. We have 558 blue-collar workers and 442 white-collar workers spread across the various facilities in Belgium, Poland and the UK. And we can always count on the help of hundreds of external staff who provide us with optimum support during busy periods.

Social policy

The human resources policy also follows the growth. "It used to be just a matter of calculating wages. Today we offer a complete HR service", says Frans. "We have a social policy and invest a lot in training. Our remuneration package is appealing: meal vouchers, group and hospitalisation insurance, bicycle lease, bicycle allowance, a bonus (CAO 90) and gifts when meeting collective targets, etc. The whole picture makes us an attractive employer, we want the best for our people".

With a sense of responsibility and in complete freedom contributing to special constructions… that does something to a person. It stimulates and strengthens the group. “And that group continues to grow! A warm welcome to our 1,000th employee Marjan and all the other new employees who joined Smulders over the last months.”

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