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Smulders Projects Netherlands

Smulders Projects Netherlands

Smulders' latest acquisition is in the port of Vlissingen. In early 2023, we acquired a site from Hillebrand ASK Romein with the intention of setting up a permanent production site to create a base of operations in the Netherlands. At this strategic location, we are going to assemble bridges, as well as substations and their jacket foundations. This waterfront site offers plenty of potential to realise our further growth ambitions. 

Following the purchase, an investment plan was immediately drawn up to make the site future-proof. Because the markets and projects we have in mind require a "sea of space”. The day-to-day management of Smulders Projects Netherlands is in the hands of our colleague Pascal Van Gucht.

Central base of operations

Vlissingen is the perfect base to e.g. further develop our offshore activities. We operate in European waters and this new yard is very centrally located, with good accessibility for our manufacturing and supplying companies in the hinterland, while contributing to our sustainability ambition to minimise transport.

Pascal Van Gucht: "The purchase is still very recent, and yet we are already running at full speed with the implementation of projects and redevelopment of the site and halls. The structures we are building today include AC substations (alternating current), modules weighing 5,000 to 6,000 tonnes. In the future, we are looking at the DC market (direct current), and then we are talking about modules of 25,000 to 30,000 tonnes. Assembly and load outs require a lot of space, so it is a real opportunity that this site came our way."