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Our annual Awareness Week

Last week, we organised our annual Awareness Week, focusing on safety, mental wellbeing, health and the environment for all of our employees.

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Smulders Projects Welding Academy

Experience our welding academy at Smulders Projects in Hoboken!

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The good safety example

We are happy to let Kajetan Mrzyglod, Supervisor External Transport at Smulders Projects in Hoboken, take the floor. Our Director QHSE Carla Wellens saw him address his team with passion during a safety awareness meeting.

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Recap of our amazing family day!

On Saturday, May 13th, about 700 colleagues and their family members came to the beautiful Zilvermeer in Mol for our family day! 🌞

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Growing in a niche: coating inspection

General dexterity, an eye for detail, the ability to work in a planned and consistent manner – these are some of the 'must haves' in the world of coating inspection. Kenny Meuris, Dries Verhoeven and Matthew Abittan each have their skills in these areas.

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Meet the team | Vertical final assembly
Teamwork is our key to success

In the shadow of the Titan crane, you will meet our Final Assemblers. They are responsible for the final mechanical assembly of the foundations.

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Electrical Team Offshore – playground for Engineers & Project Managers

Generating energy. Doing a great job, the people in our Electrical Team.

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Open Day Hoboken | Smulders

On Saturday 21 May we welcomed more than 1,500 neighbours, Smulders' employees and their families and friends in Hoboken for our open day.

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Quantity Surveyor at Smulders – and an offshore world will open up for you

We have the job that you want. It’s something to do with freedom, creativity, making strategic choices and growth potential. Something with impact, where your intellect is fully appreciated. Preferably in a sustainable setting, within a corporate culture that makes you feel at home. And international connections on top of all that. Are we close?

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My job, my passion | Amanda Young
The driving HR force in a warm family

Teamwork makes the dream work. With the purposeful cooperation of our Smulders Projects UK branch. In terms of HR, everything is steered in the right direction by passionate HR Manager and family person Amanda Young.

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Interesting times for Contract Managers in Offshore

A Master of Law or legal experience does not necessarily mean you have to work at the bar.

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Traineeship as a strong foundation

Learning by doing. Everything starts with a first work experience and, no, we don’t mean an internship. We are talking about a valuable traineeship as an official first job.

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Young talent | Tomasz Siwak

Always striving for better. Committed to good communication. Attention to the person behind the story. Typical Tomasz. As Production Manager of our site in Niedmodlin, he absolutely makes a difference for our production and people.

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Meet the team | Roller operators

Rolling, not something just anyone can do. Except, of course, if you have a good teacher. At Smulders, the roller operators in service go by the names of Eric Broos and Raoul Maes.

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My job, my passion | Ria Van Dooren

Steel: functional & artistic for Ria Van Dooren

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Young talent | Ken Joos

One day you find the job of your life. Full of variety, in a multicultural environment, at a great company. And then you get to contribute to impressive steel constructions. That was the feeling welder Ken Joos had from day 1 at Smulders Projects.

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Intern in the spotlight | Rodolfo Reyes Marín

5 questions for Rodolfo Reyes Marín, a 25-year-old Mexican who already feels completely at home in Belgium and at Smulders Projects in Hoboken.

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Intern in the spotlight | Willem Kuijt

5 questions for twenty-year-old Willem Kuijt.

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Intern in the spotlight | Sabrina Castro

5 questions for Sabrina Castro, 27 years old and intern at Smulders in Arendonk. Let's meet!

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Young talent | Nick Karremans

Working in groups on impressive projects, that's what we all do, day in and day out. We also want to give young talent the chance to get a taste of these unique assignments. Experienced colleagues take the youngsters in tow and teach them the tricks of the trade. One of those newcomers is Nick Karremans, Spray Painter at Willems.

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My job, my passion | Marijn Verachten

Meet Marijn Verachten: work planner at Willems, proud dad of Leon and, deep inside, a man of competition.

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Smulders continues to grow - 1,000th employee in the spotlight

In full corona time we reached a new milestone: our 1,000th colleague came on board.

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Young talent | Cedric Verheyen

We owe the dynamics of our group to our talented employees. Everyone contributes to a fine selection of projects and constructions.

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Smulders donates face masks and overalls to a local hospitals

The Belgian subsidiaries of Smulders donate fase masks and Tyvek overalls to the hospitals in Turnhout en Herentals.

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A talk with the Iron Ladies of Smulders

A career with a steel construction company like Smulders may not be the most obvious professional choice for a woman. Today, we'd like to put a few Iron Ladies in the spotlight.

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Meet the team | Spomasz Calculation Team

At Smulders you learn new things every day. It is an opportunity to work in an international environment, in the renewable energy industry, which has a great importance for our future.

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Young talent | John Brash

A QA/QC inspector at Smulders has a varied range of tasks. John Brash is a contractor and specialist in this field.

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My job, my passion | Eline Van de Putte

Giving it your all in your job and in your hobby. That’s what Eline does. Because one passion strengthens the other, with quite a high fun factor.

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Meet the team | Maintenance Smulders Projects

Behind a strong company are strong teams. This certainly applies to Smulders. One of the teams is the Smulders Projects maintenance team in Hoboken.

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Events | Vacation drink

Every year, the colleagues in Arendonk and Balen start the summer vacation well with a 'Vacation drink'!

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My job, my passion
Larry McLauglin

We give the floor to one of our English colleagues, Larry McLauglin. Passionate about Smulders and football!

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Young talent | Cisse Mondelaers

You are young and you have dreams in life. Like working at Smulders and growing in all areas. It happened to Cisse Mondelaers when he signed for a job at Willems about three years ago.

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Events | Family day

We can look back at an adventurous weekend! Last Saturday, we invited our personnel for a Family Day at the Beekse Bergen.

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Action | IOK Litter action

Last week almost 350 companies, Iemants in Arendonk and Willems in Balen included, participated in the fourth edition of IOK’s litter action.

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Colleagues in action | 10 Miles

On 20 April, more than 30 colleagues participated in the AG Antwerp 10 Miles & Marathon!

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Events | Open day

In March, we invited our employees and their family and friend to visit our Arendonk facility.

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Meet the team | Transport Balen

Supervisor Jef Stans, together with his colleagues, takes care of the transport of all items from Balen to other Smulders locations.

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Young talent | Nika Van der Wildt

Nika Van der Wildt had a little taste of Smulders during a holiday job, went on a trip around the world for a year and then started working for us as
Junior Tender Manager. Read her story here.

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