Meet the team | Transport Balen


Meet the team | Transport Balen

February 21st '19

Supervisor Jef Stans, together with his colleagues, takes care of the transport of all items from Balen to other Smulders locations. It sometimes involves elements with a weight of no less than 150 tonnes. “That’s why it is important for them to know what they are doing and that their actions are perfectly attuned”, says Jef. “I have respect for the fl exibility the guys show. Starting at six o’clock in the morning sometimes, or work on a Saturday, it’s no problem for them. They truly are ‘resourceful fellows’ as we call it here. The guys only need half a word and if a problem occurs, they resolve it straight away. That’s how we complete the large variety of assignments we get successfully.”

Kevin Verhoeven
Internal transport

  • Employed since: August 2014
  • Passion: “Riding my mountain bike in the woods on Sunday morning with friends.”
  • Important to the team because: “They know they can always count on me. Even when it comes to relocating large items.”

Jef Stans
Supervisor department transport, spraying and painting

  • Employed since: October 1982
  • Passion: “Cycling through nature with my wife and enjoying culture and nature during long-distance travels together.”
  • Important to the team because: “I am there if there’s a problem. I make sure we resolve it together. By the way, there is still a lot for me to learn from the guys for I have only been the supervisor of transport for two years.”

Willy Wellens
Internal transport

  • Employed since: October 1978
  • Passion: “Walking my dogs Micky and Dacia in the woods and cycling.”
  • Important for the team because: “My experience in assembly and welding. Just like the other guys, I do not shy away from lifting large items.”

Tim Swijns
Sergeant internal transport

  • Employed since: June 2011
  • Passion: “Running marathons. I also participate in races on a regular basis.”
  • Important for the team because: “My experience in assembly and my experience in safely lifting large items.”

Gabriël Willems
Sergeant internal transport

  • Employed since: January 1985
  • Passion: “Riding long distances with my motorcycle, a BMW R1100S, in France or Germany. And cycling through nature with my wife.”
  • Important for the team because: “The vast experience I gained through ‘learning the hard way’.”

Peter Beets
Internal transport

  • Employed since: December 2016
  • Passion: “Riding long distances with my racing bike together with friends, followed by some time spent on a nice, cosy terrace.”
  • Important for the team because: “I have less experience compared to my colleagues and can therefore still learn a lot from them, but I am always there when they need me.”