Young talent | Nick Karremans


Young talent | Nick Karremans

February 04th '21

Being young and leaving your mark on unique projects


Working in groups on impressive projects, that's what we all do, day in and day out. We also want to give young talent the chance to get a taste of these unique assignments. Experienced colleagues take the youngsters in tow and teach them the tricks of the trade. One of those newcomers is Nick Karremans, Spray Painter at Willems.

How did you end up at Willems?
“Just before the summer I started as a Spray Painter – or sprayer as we say here – in the 'Treatment' department. I started as a temp through JobExpert, but I hope to get a permanent contract soon. I did carpentry at school and after that I trained through VDAB to become a car body sprayer. This training has been very useful here.”

What about your induction period? 
“It went very well! The ‘Welcome Box’ made me feel really welcome at the firm right from the start. My colleagues and our manager were very helpful and gave me the support and information I needed to get the hang of it. I was surprised to see how much attention is paid to safety within Smulders. I have never experienced this with any other employer before. And if we achieve our targets, we are rewarded with sweet rolls, fries, sandwiches... A tasty snack is always a good motivation.”

What is your most important task at the moment? 
“I take care of checking and touching up the sprayed projects. This means in practice that I touch up the spots where the paint thickness is not sufficient. I also repair damage, for example when there is dirt in the paint. A large project I am currently working on is the substation for Saint-Brieuc, a huge offshore wind farm off the French coast.”

How do you experience the collaboration with your colleagues?
“The cooperation with my colleagues is excellent, there is a pleasant group atmosphere. From day one, I was accepted into the group and received the necessary help from the other colleagues and manager.”

What do you like most about your work? 
“Working as one team and making unique projects. My previous jobs consisted of spraying cars and sea containers. The pieces that need to be sprayed here are so much bigger and more impressive! You’d be amazed to see what enormous projects you can contribute to as a Spray Painter".

What do you see as your greatest talent? 
“Insight and seeing work. I always want to deliver the best possible quality. If you can help with such large, unique projects, you want to give it your all.”

What are your ambitions for the future? 
“Like I said, giving it my all every day. I want to grow within my current job and in the long run I dream of moving up. To achieve this, I would like to retrain where necessary and, if possible, I would also like to get the NACE diploma. That actually includes all kinds of international standards on coatings and corrosion related courses. Obtaining this diploma would be a huge asset for my career.”

Who is Nick as a human being? 
“I see myself as a caring person, with an honest character. I have a great passion for cars and motorsport. On free days, there's a good chance I'm tinkering with cars or motorcycles.  It’s my hobby to repair and embellish damaged ones.”

Why should more young talent choose to work at Smulders?
“Because of the good working atmosphere and fine surroundings. Even as a young talent, you get the chance to work on very special constructions. As a tip, I would encourage newcomers to always do their best and not give up.”

What did you think about being asked for this interview? 
“It was a pleasant surprise and a nice experience! It’s great to see that all jobs within the group are covered in the interviews about young talents. If you are a newcomer, you can really leave your mark on projects here.”

Finally: How have you experienced the corona period @ work so far? 
“This difficult time is going well, without any problems, at Smulders. All necessary measures are strictly followed, so I feel SAFE here!”