Intern in the spotlight | Rodolfo Reyes Marín


Intern in the spotlight | Rodolfo Reyes Marín

May 06th '21

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Rodolfo Reyes Marín, 25 years old and an intern at Smulders Projects in Hoboken. As a Mexican, he already feels completely at home in Belgium. Besides his internship and his hobbies, Rodolfo is studying Dutch and is practicing how to pour a Belgian beer correctly. Let's meet!


What do you study? 
I am doing a Bachelor in Economics and International Business at the Juárez del Estado de Durango University in Mexico. The internship is the last part of the programme.

What exactly does your internship entail?
I’m doing my internship at Smulders Projects in Hoboken. I help the General Manager Supporting Activities with the optimisation of financial reporting documents.

I only work part-time at Smulders. On the remaining 2 days, I do my schoolwork for the Dutch class.

How did you end up in Belgium as a Mexican?
A year and a half ago I was in Dublin to study English. There I met my girlfriend, a girl from Arendonk. So I came to Belgium for love 😊.

I had to do an internship for my Bachelor and thanks to my girlfriend's family I got to know Smulders in Arendonk. I sent them my CV and they had an internship position at their Hoboken branch that I could fill.

What is it like for you to do an internship during these corona and working from home times?
I’m usually at the office in Hoboken. That is easier for me because I have only just started my internship. Besides, it allows me to get to know the company and the colleagues better and faster. All corona proof of course.

Do you like working at Smulders? 
The working environment is incredible. Moreover, I can count on a lot of helpful colleagues. Their good advice will certainly come in handy in the future, as will the experience I am gaining here.

I never thought I would enjoy working here so much. Even though I am 'just' an intern, I am really part of the team!