Offshore Wind

Yunlin Offshore Wind Farm | TP
Yunlin Offshore Wind Farm | TP

Commissioned by Yunneng Wind Power Co., Ltd. we made 40 transition pieces (TPs) and 80 electrical cages (e-cages) for the Yunlin offshore wind farm, located approximately 8 km off the west coast of Taiwan. For us, it was the perfect introduction to the Asian wind market. By the way, the TPs to be built were anything but standard... they are designed to withstand the earthquakes and typhoons that occur locally.


The TPs went into production in Hoboken at the beginning of 2020. The welding and painting work was carried out at record speed, followed by the finishing and installation of the e-cages and the load-outs. The last load-out was before the end of August.


Project data:

  • Client: Yunneng Wind Power Co., LTD (73% wpd, 27% Sojitz Corp Led consortium)
  • Height: 26 meters
  • Weight: 445 tons