Offshore Wind

Norther Offshore Wind Farm | OHVS
North Sea, Belgium
Norther Offshore Wind Farm | OHVS

Smulders has built the substation, being a topside and transition piece, for the Norther Offshore Wind Farm. 


With its 32 metres length and 21 metres height, 1,300 tons and a transformer capacity of  410 MV, the Norther OHVS is the most compact substation ever built in Hoboken. The construction of offshore substations has become a true Belgian expertise: Norther is already the 22nd substation that was built at the Hoboken yard. In Hoboken, we already built substations for wind farms in the UK, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands.  


The Norther offshore wind farm, a project by Elicio, Eneco & Diamong Generating Europe, is the largest of the Belgian coast and will provide power to close to 400,000 households. It’s being built 23 kilometres off the coast of Zeebruges. Anually the wind farm will produce 1.4 billion kWh renewable energy. 


Project data:


  • Client: Van Oord
  • Weight topside: 1.400 tons (630 tons steel)
  • Weight TP+cage: 640 tons