New contract: Theemsweg route


New contract: Theemsweg route

March 23rd '18

On 22 March 2018 the contract was signed for the realisation of the substructure for the Theemsweg route in Rotterdam. The Port of Rotterdam Authority selected the consortium SaVe, comprising the constructing companies BESIX, Mobilis, Dura Vermeer, Hollandia and Smulders. By redirecting a part of the Betuwe Route, the increasing rail freight transport will no longer be obstructed by the ocean shipping traffic, which will also improve the flow between Rotterdam’s port area and the European hinterland.

The contract concerns an Engineering & Construct order for the realisation of a raised railway viaduct of four km long, including the construction of two steel arched bridges (by the Thomassen Tunnel and the Rozenburgse Sluis). The construction works will start in 2018 and will be finished by the end of 2020. The order is part of the construction of the Theemsweg route. The Port of Rotterdam Authority is coordinating and realising the project in conjunction with ProRail. After delivery, the management will be completely done by ProRail. The construction of the entire Theemsweg route involves an investment amount of around €300 million.

Theemsweg route
The Theemsweg route provides a solution to the capacity bottleneck for rail traffic, due to the expected growth in rail transport, as well as ocean shipping traffic to and from the Brittanniëhaven.

The new tracé will run over a raised railway viaduct. The railway line will pass two arched bridges and link up again with the existing track where it meets the A15. By redirecting the railway viaduct, the increasing rail transport will no longer obstruct the ocean shipping traffic, which will improve the flow.

The substructure of the Theemsweg route is challenging. Apart from the execution time of approx. two years, the project will take place over and close to public infrastructure and vulnerable environment elements, like petrochemical industry and a complex network of cables and pipes. The consortium will work within a restricted area in an environment that is in motion day and night. Furthermore, the surrounding companies have to be accessible at all times. Finally there is also the logistical complex challenge of installing two new steel arched bridges.

The added value of SaVe
The consortium partners of SaVe vouch together for confronting these challenges. Apart from the logistical experience with large concrete- and steel constructions, the consortium can also count on the technical know-how and the BIM-expertise of the different partners. Thanks to the joined forces of partners Hollandia and Smulders, the two arched bridges can be built simultaneously. Also the joined knowledge and experience of SaVe regarding works in complex environments, foundation techniques and road construction make a strong partnership.