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Moray East Offshore Wind Farm | Jackets
North Sea, Scotland
Moray East Offshore Wind Farm | Jackets

We all know it by now: Moray East off the Scottish coast, the offshore wind farm developed by Moray Offshore Windfarm East Ltd (MOWEL), a joint venture between Diamond Green Limited (33.4%), EDPR (33.3%), ENGIE (23.3%) and CTG (10%). The wind farm, with a capacity of 950 MW and measuring 295 km², will provide electricity for 950,000 families. In a joint venture with DEME Offshore, we built 55 jackets for this project.


35 of the 55 upper jackets were produced in Hoboken with parts supplied by other Smulders and Eiffage branches in Belgium, Poland and France, as well as subcontractors from all over the world. The other 20 were manufactured by our Spanish subcontractor. The lower jackets were built at our yard in Newcastle.


In early March 2020, the first upper jackets arrived at our yard in Newcastle where they were fitted onto the lower jackets. In December of the same year, the last jacket was completed. The jackets, each about 85 m high and weighing 1,000 tons, were eventually transported and installed by DEME Offshore's Scylla.




Project data

  • Client: Moray Offshore Wind East Ltd
  • Weight jacket: 1,000 tonnes
  • Height: 85 m


*Moray Offshore Windfarm (East) Limited is owned by Diamond Green Limited (33.4%), EDPR (33.3 %), ENGIE (23.3%) and CTG (10%).