Our companies


Spomasz in Zary (Poland) concentrates mainly on manufacturing large steel elements. The company creates constructions for exploration, land clearing, processing and transportation of installations suitable for operating under extreme conditions at sea.


Spomasz is located in Zary, Poland. The subsidiaries are located in Niemodlin and Łęknica. Constructions are transported via road transport to the Smulders’ facilities in Belgium.

Production facilities

This branch avails of highly sophisticated, well equipped machinery as well as the necessary technological expertise, all fully geared towards producing and processing steel elements. For every project – even the most complex ones – we develop a tailor-made solution. Spomasz has a yearly production capacity of 20,000 tons.

Areas of expertise

Spomasz can boast of many years of experience in the comprehensive construction of large-scale steel structures.

We produce special-purpose steel structures in the field of investments related to the acquisition of renewable energy in the offshore area and mining for oil and gas. The entire production process is carried out using the highest quality materials that meet all technical standards.

 Our main areas of activity are:                                                           

  •  Elements of steel structures for offshore wind towers
  •  Elements of steel structures for mining platforms
  •  Large steel structures for various purposes
  • Subcontractor in Poland for 3D cutting and edge rounding works. More info >>