About us


Smulders is fully geared towards producing high-performance steel constructions, based on a well thought-out mix of locations, capacities and facilities. This enables us to create a flexible production process offering considerable capacity, quick response and fast delivery times of high quality products to the various markets. The ability to spread the work over our facilities in Belgium, the United Kingdom, Poland and the site in Vlissingen allows us to provide our clients with excellent service. 


Iemants is a steel construction company with a proven track record in the engineering, production, delivery and assembly of mainly heavy, technically complex and architectonic steel constructions. Iemants ranks among the world's top steel construction companies. Read more >


Willems in Balen (B) has almost 60 years’ experience in the engineering, production, delivery and assembly of high-performance steel constructions. The Balen branch consists of an industrial site covering a surface of more than 34.5 acres and a production area of 30,000 m² equipped with the latest machinery, including its own blast cabinets and paint spray rooms. Read more >

Smulders Projects

In Hoboken, next to the river Scheldt, Smulders has a unique production site. Since 2001, the former shipyard is used for, amongst others, the production of steel foundations for offshore windmills. Read more >

Smulders Projects UK

Our recently opened production facility in Newcastle upon Tyne is used for the production of steel foundations for offshore wind farms. The site of more than 300,000 m² has an ideal situation on the banks of the Tyne, right next to the sea. 


Spomasz in Zary (Poland) concentrates mainly on manufacturing large steel elements. The company creates constructions for exploration, land clearing, processing and transportation of installations suitable for operating under extreme conditions at sea. Read more >


In the Port of Vlissingen, Smulders has an assembly yard. This yard is mostly used for the assembly of large offshore constructions like jackets for Offshore High Voltage Substations and e.g. the Stinger for the Pioneering Spirit.